First, I’ll tell you what the blog is not about.  It’s not about politics, religion, celebrities, current events, reality TV shows, or news.  And I’m not selling anything.  Primarily, this blog is a photo journal.  A photo journal of places I’ve been and of the place I call home – Woodhaven.

The Pinar Del Rio Region of western Cuba

The genesis of my travel journals dates back to 1996 when I traveled to Cuba to see for myself what it would be like to live in a third-world communist country that had just lost its major military and financial supporter (Russia) and was in the middle of what is known there as “the special period.”  My wife (who has always supported my travels) and our coworkers were understandably concerned for my safety and wellbeing.  So to calm their worries and/or to provide clues to my potential disappearance or imprisonment (partly joking), I wrote a few pages every morning detailing the previous day’s experiences then walked a few blocks to a hotel near the capital and faxed the journal pages home from its rooftop terrace cafe.  Remarkably, this remains the easiest occasion in all of my travels of successfully, and affordably faxing multiple pages of text home.

Over time, sending dispatches from travels back home evolved with advancing technology, although not smoothly as I am not very tech savvy. Faxes became emails that I began attaching a photo or two. These emails became iweb entries on my .mac account that included galleries of images. The travel journals were never made public.  Only a handful of interested family and friends would receive them.   And now, with the end of Apple’s mobile me, iweb entries will become posts to a blog on WordPress. I call the blog, Woodhaven Chronicles.

The gate to the kitchen garden at Woodhaven

Woodhaven Chronicles runs on a WordPress Theme called, Museum – a theme suited for photojournalist blogs.  My vision for Woodhaven Chronicles is two-fold.  First, to present an image-driven site with supporting text derived from the personal experiences of travel. The goal here is to communicate the True Essence of a place explored. Second, to share the wonders of Woodhaven – the name given to the 72 beautiful, ecologically diverse acres I and my family call home in northern Wisconsin.

So, consider yourself invited to follow these wanderings.  I hope you enjoy the experience!




4 comments on “ABOUT THE BLOG

  1. Hi Gary! We reconnected with your mom today at the Ohio, actually Miami County area, gathering in Sebring. She was so surprised to see us and so pleased, too. It’s been a long time. We’re looking forward to getting together with her and Rich. We’ve got lots of catching up to do. We only touched the surface today. Of course, the western trip was mentioned! She told us about your Woodhaven Chronicles. Will share this with Susan & Andy, too. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Gary, do you still post on here? I hope you are well and am hopeful to catch a glimpse of your life again in here. Peace, Lucia

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