Max: Fish Slayer!

below is a photo of Jerry. Jerry is one of the fishing guides for North Spirit Lake Lodge. Jerry is also a native Cree from the village across the lake. Jerry, like the other Cree guides, possesses a special force that allows them to will fish to bite their hooks. Don’t believe me? Try fishing with them and matching them fish for fish. Jerry will even switch rods with you and continue to out fish you at the same pace. 

This morning, down at the dock, Max reaches out and shakes Jerry’s hand. Something happens. Somehow, Some of Jerry’s Cree mojo is transferred to Max. Jerry confirms it. He felt it move over. 

So, out on the water today, we have an amazing day of fishing!  Especially Max. No matter where he casts his lure, he catches fish. Lots of fish. Eventually, I just put my own rod down and net Max’s fish.  So many walleye! So many northern pike!

Back at the dock, We tell Jerry all about it. Jerry gives Max the name; Fish Slayer. 




5 comments on “Max: Fish Slayer!

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  1. The smile says it all! As Ellie said when we went to the REZ. Grandma is this where you lived when you were an Indian? I am a believer. Now you have lived it. Love and safe journey home.

  2. DeRien, c’est normal de s’entre aiderPour l&uisro;utiliqatson dans le lit, couché, désolé mais j’vois pas troppeut être en le mettant en appui un coté contre le matelas, l’autre dans ta main, mais dans ce cas ‘faut avoir besoin que d’une main (genre web ou vidéos, sinon ça sera compliqué j’imagine)

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