Pictures of People

When I read other blogs – especially travel blogs – I’m always fascinated by images travelers/photographers take of people from the areas they are traveling in.  The images are just as powerful, if not more powerful in some instances, as the greatest landscape photographs.  These portraits tell a story about the place and its people as much as other kinds of photos.  And because we are looking at images of other human beings, we can have a very strong emotional response to them.

Usually I don’t consciously focus on taking photos of other people when I travel.  I seem interested in capturing and relaying the sense of place through landscape-type photography.  Additionally, I am hesitant to invade someone’s personal space. But after marveling over portraits from other travel photographers I decided to revisit my recent photo albums to see what kind of inventory I have of photos of people from my travels.  I put together a gallery of some favorites.

Lovers of the Malecon
Mother and son out for a stroll
Like father, like son
Women of the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
Maidens of Mexico
Little Entrepreneur at the Market
Papantla, Young and Old, Mexico
Voices of Orizaba, Mexico
Portrait of a Portrait on the Bosphorus
The Donaldson Boys! (my son with my brother in the middle of Lake St. Claire)
Jamie Donaldson of Edinburgh, Scotland (a distant cousin?)
The Royal Couple of Edinburgh
Street Merchant of Granada, Nicaragua
Tom Bredesen, an excellent travel photographer
Three Brothers from Glasgow
Bagpipe player for The Spinning Blowfish
Bagpipe Player for the Spinning Blowfish

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    • Eggs and beer it is! And with just a bit of Mexican hot sauce on the eggs! Now we just need to figure out how to span the miles. We are well. I sincerely hope the same for you and your family. It would be great if we could all get together sometime soon.

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