Fall at Woodhaven

A dock leans out into the north branch of the Oconto River near our home. ┬áIt’s been one of the most beautiful fall seasons in the northwoods of Wisconsin that I can remember.

4 comments on “Fall at Woodhaven

  1. What a glorious Fall. One day sitting in the family room I was mesmerized by a blizzard of gold. Breathtaking. Aren’t we blessed.

  2. Awesome. Our fall here in western Ohio has been quite bland – mostly brownish-yellows and pale reds. This image was nicely done. Did you apply any processing or is this the raw product? Either way it looks great!

    • Hi Steve,

      I’m glad you like the image and perhaps in some small way it will supplement the bland fall you are having in Ohio. As far as processing goes: my trusted camera is the Nikon D80 with a Tamron Di II 18-270mm lens attached to it. It’s an amazing lens for outdoor/travel photography. The D80 has an option where the user can customize the settings for a set program. It’s like creating your own “auto” mode or default setting. I’ve customized this setting specifically for outdoor travel photography – a bit slower shutter speed and moderately increased color saturation along with a few other minor tweaks. That’s about it.

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