The Final Post from NSLL

We spent the first half of yesterday getting a couple more jobs done for Bill and Val. Pat put in his second set of stairs while Bill, Dick, and I assembled two new septic tanks and moved them into position behind cabins.

After a quick lunch the three amigos took a boat back to the trout lake portage and hiked into where the smaller boats are (we left the motor there the previous trip in). We boated to the far end of trout lake, docked the boat, humped our gear ( including the motor) over another portage to another lake where an even smaller boat, used by the Cree Natives, was stored.

We fished this lake and another lake,attached by a small waterway, for an hour or so before returning to Trout lake.

Back on Trout lake, we fished hard to complete our bag limit of northern pike but could only catch walleye until the last few minutes before we had to portage back to the main lake.

Just as we arrived back in camp a thunderstorm was approaching from the west. It turned into quite a storm; knocking out phones, satellite, and Internet until almost 11pm.

This morning is cold and overcast but it looks like we may be able to catch our plane out of here. I’m also including a photo of Jerry and Kennedy who are two of the fishing guides NSLL hires from the Cree village across the lake.






2 comments on “The Final Post from NSLL

  1. What a great life you have led. Oh my, the places you have been………..and I have pictures to prove it. When Amy was here yesterday she was waiting for your call. With the news of your bad weather I pray you had a safe trip home.

    • Good evening Audrey, I made it home about 2:30am this morning. We had a couple hour delay at NSLL due to heavy cloud cover. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. And I will make sure you are around when we have a fish fry with the walleye and northern pike we brought home. The next trip will be here before I know it – to the rural villages of Nicaragua!

      Take Care!


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