The Portage to Trout Lake

Today we boated to the east end of NSLL, docked our boat, humped all our gear, including a small outboard motor, across about a quarter mile portage to the mysterious Trout Lake. Here we fish for what I consider the best walleye up here. Trout Lake walleye are big and fat. These are the fish we’ll clean and package to take back home.





3 comments on “The Portage to Trout Lake

  1. Nice fish. I remember on my trip the portage to Trout Lake had a particular tree with markings from a bear rubbing on its bark. The amazing part was that the fur was 8 foot off of the ground. Wow.

  2. What a great time you are having. Thank you for sharing and it would be nice if you could share some of that fish!

  3. I absolutely love reading your posts! It brings a smile to a teacher’s face that’s wishing he were somewhere else, lol.

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