North Spirit Lake Lodge

Nearly every year I and a friend or two take a trip to North Spirit Lake Lodge in northwest Ontario, Canada to help a friend close down his fishing lodge. It takes us 14 hours to drive to Red Lake where we then take a plane for the final 100 nautical miles due north.
Our flight this morning in the Caravan was a bit interesting as we flew around, between, and through some strong thunderstorms. Following are photos that show the plane and an interesting cloud formation we encountered just south of North Spirit Lake.




4 comments on “North Spirit Lake Lodge

  1. Thank you again for sharing. My calendar is just priceless and I am reliving my experience there through your photography also.

  2. A great catch to photograph some interesting weather. It appears that inflow air feeding the thunderstorm was drawing moist air towards and upward into the storm. As the air was pulled up the temperature dropped with altitute causing the moisture to condense. Very cool.

    • Hey Steve. It was a very cool weather phenomena to witness, especially through the window of a caravan. Just seconds after taking the photo lightning flashed down through both layers of clouds.

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