WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

The Croft of Glenelg  © 2012 by Gary Donaldson

Certainly, the dominant color in this photo is green – a rich, verdant, green found only in certain parts of the world, including Scotland where this photo is from .  I stumbled upon this place while out searching for the ancient Brochs near Glenelg on the western coast of Scotland, just across the narrows from the Isle of Skye. The damp, misty day enriched the saturation of greens a this beautiful site.

This image also represents a more modern use of the word, green – to live in a manner more in tune with and sensitive to the environment.  A living roof, a sustaining garden, no obsessively manicured lawn, and a home-built out of natural materials all point to a “green” approach to human existence.  Also, directly behind the camera in this shot are hoop houses where vegetables are being grown to support those living on the property and for the fortunate souls who happen to wander down the single-track road.

There is another unique feature to this small paradise that one lone traveler found exceptionally welcoming – a green, gypsy-style, caravan converted into a coffee shop, complete with an espresso machine!  This is definitely the most unusual coffee shop I’ve ever been to.

The Wagon Cafe
The Wagon Cafe, near Glenelg, Scotland                 © 2012 by Gary Donaldson

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