WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: (Silhouette)

The Calanais Standing Stones, The Outer Hebrides, Scotland

The Calanais (also, Callandish) Stones are located on the western side of Lewis, one of a chain of Islands off the west coast of Scotland known collectively as the Outer Hebrides.  This site of standing stones was constructed sometime between 2900 and 2600 BC.  A central circle consists of 13 tall stones.  There is a long aisle of stones to the north, and additional shorter aisles to the east, west, and south of the circle – forming a cross if looked at from above.  Strangely, this layout is very similar to the way Christian Cathedrals are designed – only it was 2900 years prior to Christ.

I moved around the site, taking photos from various vantage points.  Here, I have placed the sun behind one of the tallest stones in the central circle, putting it, and surrounding stones, in silhouette.


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