From Stornoway on the Outer Hebrides all the way to Inverness

There really isn’t going to be much to report today because I spent much of it sitting in the ferry, then sitting in the car.   I had a couple hours to kill between checking out of the B&B in Stornoway and departure time for the ferry so I walking around the port town.  It’s a cute little town with a small, but nice, shopping area.  It also has a protected harbor which is the genesis for the town in the first pace and now that harbor supports a fishing fleet and private sailboats.  The outer harbor is used for container ships, the coastguard and the ferry.

Stornoway, Harris Island, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

The ferry ride was uneventful (don’t we want all ferry rides to be uneventful?).  There was a  great view of the mountainous northeast coast of Scotland as we approached Ullapool from the Outer Hebrides, including the 3200ft Ben Mor which was creating its own weather  as evident by the dense cloud cover.

Ben Mor – on approach from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland; its upper half hidden in the clouds.

After disembarking at Ullapool, I gassed up the car and just drove towards Inverness.  The goal was to be a bit south of Inverness, if possible, because tomorrow I plan visiting Loch Ness and touring the Urquhart Castle that sits on its western shore.  I figure having the castle in the foreground of my photo of the Loch Ness Monster will be even more impressive.

For Steve, who’s been mapping my progress on Google maps, I’m at a tired-looking roadhouse called Bog Roy Inn (used to be called The Old North Inn) near someplace called Inchmore.  It is about 10 miles west of Inverness.  Why here?  Because it was getting late and I’d already been turned away by four other places further south on A833 because they were full.  The previous place was at least nice enough to give this place a call for me.  It was on the way back to Inverness where I hoped to have better luck finding lodging.  I should’ve kept going.  Actually, the food was pretty good, I have a bed, and the internet works.  Which is more than I can say for the TV.


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