Glencoe to Skye

This is going to be a short post because internet access is coming and going.  I am having a very difficult time finding adequate internet service in the highlands.  The wind has been blowing hard for 3 days now and that is also causing the connection to be spotty in the places I am staying.

I drove from Glencoe to the Isle of Skye today – based largely on the recommendations of Alan, the B&B host from Glencoe.  He said that if I was going to do the Islands, I should do Skye and not worry about heading back south to pick up Mull, Iona, Jura, etc. out of Oban.  I think when I look back on this trip, I will regret not heading to Oban.  But that’s how these kinds of trips go.

The drive from Glencoe to Skye looks pretty much like the drive from Loch Lomond to Glencoe.  I could probably recycle some of the “scenery” photos they look so much alike.  I am staying on the mainland near the bridge to Skye.  Spent a few hours touring skye, including a trip to the Talisker Distillery.  An interesting note here:  Talisker is the brand of the first bottle of Scotch Amy and I purchased.  Amy was a featured speaker at the Kohler Wine and Food show a few years ago and she bought a ticket for me to a Scotch tasting at 10 in the morning.  I loved the Talisker, so we purchased a bottle.

Getting to Talisker is no easy task.  It is down a long, one track road half-way up a hillside full of sheep and cows.  Sometime the road runs right down the middle of the pasture.  I also have some photos of the Eilean Donan Castle which is within walking distance from where I am staying and plan to visit tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I’m going to post the few photos that I have from today (I hope).  Much of the time was spent behind the wheel in transit and the weather has not been conducive for prolonged outdoor activity.

I tried updating photos to flickr this evening.  I don’t know if it worked. I have an internet connection for a few minutes at a time.


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