The Edinburgh, Scotland tour

My second day in Edinburgh started with a fantastic Scottish breakfast of fried eggs, 2 sausage links, 2 slices of fried ham, toast and jam, juice and coffee. I then spent about an hour preparing and posting the first dispatch to the blog. After that, the day was dedicated to checking off the must-see list for this city.

It began with a hike along the cliff-side trail of Holyrood Park overlooking Edinburgh. Holyrood Park covers most of the remains of a long extinct volcano and includes the peak – King Arthur’s Seat. Next was a visit to historic Calton Hill and Lord Nelson’s monument. Calton Hill provides an awesome vantage point of Edinburgh Castle….which was the next destination. I spent the majority of the day at Edinburgh Castle. It really does deserve the extra time. To view a virtual tour of the Edinburgh Castle, click HERE.

After leaving the castle, I had the good fortune to catch a really cool street band called “The spinning Blowfish. The band consists of a guitar player from France, a drummer from Spain, and an awesome bagpipe player from where else….Scotland. They were halfway through a set when a sudden rain shower forced them to quit momentarily. When they resumed, a beautiful rainbow glowed behind a fanciful Edinburgh roofline as their backdrop.

Today’s post is short on text. Instead, I will allow the selected, “best of” images do the talking. Click on any image to view it in a larger format. Enjoy!


2 comments on “The Edinburgh, Scotland tour

  1. Larry M. gave me a new printer and I need you to show me how to print your journey when you are home. Enjoy a Shanty or two. I may not have spelled that correctly. Enjoy, enjoy!

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