The Blue Mosque of Istanbul

The Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia dominate the Sultanahmet’s architectural attractions.  Getting a descent photo of the Hagia Sophia isn’t that difficult given it’s position in relation to the large, open, Sultanahmet square in front of it.  Getting a descent photo of the Blue Mosque However proved a bit more difficult.  It is hidden behind walls, obscured by trees, and its entire breadth including all six minarets is hard to capture in a single frame. Throughout my time in Istanbul, I took dozens of photos that captured interesting parts of the Blue Mosque.  However, none of them conveyed the true grandeur of this famous Islamic structure.

I spent my last morning in Istanbul circling the Blue Mosque looking for a vantage point for a photo.  No street level position afforded an appropriate view.  What was needed was elevation.  Across the street stood a multi-floor hotel.  It looked like it had a roof-top terrace.  I crossed the street, entered the hotel, and asked the desk clerk for permission to access the roof in order to take the picture.  I was told the restaurant on the roof wasn’t open yet.  I persisted and gained reluctant permission.  The tiniest elevator I’ve ever ridden in finally opened onto the open-air terrace.  A short walk to the edge of the roof afforded the following view of the Blue Mosque.

The Blue Mosque of Sultanahmet, istanbul, Turkey

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